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First Look: Cynaps Headset


At the CES show earlier this month I met Mike Freeman, the designer of the Cynaps Bluetooth headset.  This revolutionary device uses bone conduction to send sound waves directly to the inner ear, eliminating the need to block the user’s hearing with a pesky earbud.  When he offered to send me a sample I couldn’t resist.

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Product Review: Nix Googles

NixGoogles Patterns from NixTech on Vimeo.

When I heard about Nix Googles I contacted Russell, the designer, about using a pair when I give rides on my pedicab downtown. The “googles” display a variety of complex patterns and overpower most smartphone cameras with their brilliant lights. What’s more, they respond to music, via a built in microphone with highly adjustable gain. In fact, the gain control is so sensitive, that at the highest setting it responds to sounds I barely hear. Turn the sensitivity down all the way and you’ll need a plane taking off to make it react …or a Skrillex show.
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