CES 2013 Photos (Videos coming soon!)

They create very little heat.  Almost none

When the FLIR rep imaged my “googles”  we discovered they create very little heat. Almost none

I spent this past week in Las Vegas, Nevada attending the Consumer Electronics show.  After arriving home a few hours ago I felt compelled to share these photos from the convention.  There was so much to see and so little time.  I’ve included a brief description of the device in each photo, but please let me know in the comments if you have a question about something from the show.

I was given a few products to review and I’ll be posting about them more in depth soon.  I’m looking forward especially to receiving a sample of the Cynaps device, a bluetooth headseat that doesn’t obstruct either ear.  Rather it causes a vibration in the skull, projecting sound inside your head.  Whether, voice or music, you can definitely hear it.  As soon as the designer sends it in the mail, I’ll be eager to test it out.