G-Form Body Armor Demo Parts 1 and 2

Until recently G-Form has focused their efforts mainly on cases for portable electronics like the iPhone and iPad. Most know them for their demonstration of an iPad free-falling from the edge of space (yes it lived). But lately they’ve taken on a new project: body armor for cycling.

By using the same material, which hardens on impact, G-Form set out to cover every major impact zone on the rider’s body. I must admit I get my worst bruises where they chose to put pads. While their phone cases seem bulky, they get great reviews as far as durability goes. Producing cycling gear is an original and fitting next step.

As you can see from the video, the clothing is very lightweight and does not restrict the rider’s motion, as Trevor Bodough will happily show you. This cycling gear looks top notch for commuters and off-road riders alike.

It’s a good thing you kept reading, Trevor gets pretty rad in part 2:

Edit: There are a few things I should mention about Trevor and his bike. Before the demo I got a chance to ask him a few questions. One question you might have is: “why no seat?” The answer becomes clear in moments, he doesn’t ever sit on his trials bike, so there isn’t even a hole for a seat post. The profile of the frame is also minimized to stay out of the way of the rider’s body.

The first thing I asked was, “why no foot retention?” That’s right, Trevor uses platforms, like these, with no straps or clips of any kind. His style of riding focuses on high torque and explosive energy. Foot retention is better suited to long distance riding. As you can see, Trevor does more climbing than pedaling, so clips just don’t make sense. He also told me that the pedals are as unforgiving as they look, he has torn gashes in his leg before. “You learn quickly never to let your feet slip from your pedals” he says. The shin guards he is sporting in the product demo are critical for beginners, something which Trevor clearly is not. For more on this trials expert Click Here to go to his webpage.