My Latest Creation – The Color Changing Pedicab

This is my pedicab.  The lights are operated by a variety of music responsive controllers.  Every LED is waterproof so I can work in the rain.  The wacky colored lights help distracted drivers change lanes sooner to pass slower vehicles like mine safely.

In April of last year I was rear ended by a drunk driver while heading South on Colorado between 4th and 5th.  I was thankful there were no passengers, but the pain my back, shoulders, neck, hips, etc… were enough to keep my riding to a minimum for a long time.

When I started working again, every passing car sent a chill down my spine.  Fighting through the pain of my injuries to keep working reminded me constantly that another hit could be the end of my cycling days.  So I started riding a MainStreet Broadway Tricycle to take stress away from my shoulder.

The lights on the Broadway are bright, but the two ovals look rather like the tail lights of a car. So I added some lights in wacky colors and a stereo to make my tricycle more noticeable to drivers and potential fares.

Customers seemed to enjoy the lights as much as I enjoyed learning how to install them.  So naturally I am continued adding lights until I had over 60 feet of waterproof LED tape, a puddle light kit, and LEDs on the spokes which create pictures when the wheels spin.

Then I met Russell Lemburg.  This Electrical Engineer holds a Masters from U.T. Dallas.  He designed the “googles” I’m wearing in the video. They respond to music and produce a variety of patterns and colors.  Naturally we both realized that my pedicab matched them rather well, so he sent me a pair to test out for myself. I’ve had them for the month of December and they have survived over 300 miles of pedicab driving and four day trip to Las Vegas.  You can check out his product at   I’ll post a review soon.