Upcoming Reviews: Cynaps Ears-Free Headset, Lenovo Yoga 11, and Smart Tap Handlebar Mount

On Thursday at CES I was offered a sample of is the Cynaps ears-free bluetooth headset.  Rather than block the user hearing with troublesome earbuds, this headset uses bone conduction to put sounds inside the users head. It can also be hidden completely in a bike helmet or a sweat band. This device seems like just the thing for riders who enjoy music and still want to be alert on the road. I can’t wait to try mine!

The Yoga 11, so far, is an absolute peach.  My girlfriend won it at the Intel show, so naturally I’ll be spending a lot of time with it.  I’ve been using it in tandem with my desktop to remodel my site.  I’ve got to say, this thing is cool.  It transforms quickly from a laptop, to a tablet and a few other forms in between.  The chassis also seems very robust and the solid state drive is tough to beat on speed.  From what I’ve seen so far, it’s one of the most capable tablets to date, Lenovo is raising the bar.

Tonight, I’ll also be installing this Smart Tap phone mount on my pedicab, but later I’ll try it out on a road bike and a mountain bike.  It easily snaps to the size of any phone case, even my destroyed Otterbox.  Whether it can hold the phone during a ride remains to be seen, but I have to shake it pretty hard to make the phone fly out of the adjustable clamp and elastic strap.  So I have high hopes for this one even though it appears a bit bulky.  At $20, it looks like a great value.