Monthly Archives: July 2015

Make Windows 8.1 look like Windows 7

Countless people have asked me “why is Windows 8.1 so different from 7?!”  The “metro” screen loads many confusing and irrelevant “tiles” upon startup.  The “Start” menu is nowhere to be found.  For many, this renders the computer almost unusable.  Again, we wonder, why so different?

The short answer is, it was designed for touch screens (not a mouse and keyboard).  In a world dominated by social media and touch screen devices, Microsoft just wanted a piece of the action.  Their attempt to join in was not received well by the community at large (or myself, I still use 7 at home).  So, what can we do to improve the Windows 8 experience?

A new, free, piece of software called “Classic Shell” (click here to visit their site) can help you revert the visual aspects of 8.1 to something more akin to 7.  If you’re willing to spend twenty minutes learning how to configure it yourself, you’ll have things back to normal in no time!  Here’s a short video on how to install and configure Classic Shell.