Netflix won’t stay quiet!

You’re at home one evening watching a show. Your spouse or loved one calls to you from the next room. So you pause your show to answer. Then you get up to do something and before you come back, Netflix is automatically blasting a preview over your sound system for whatever show they want you to watch. Happened to you? If it has then you know how frustrating it can be. It’s even worse if an R-rated preview plays itself with kids around. You pay for the service and you should have control.
Netflix doesn’t have a way to stop preview from playing automatically. But you can at least mute the previews so they don’t interrupt conversations with your loved ones. In the Windows 10 app, there is a mute button on the right hand side. Go ahead and click it for beautiful silence. I was able to reboot/shut down Windows and boot back up and it was still muted. Give it a try! Here’s the button you’re looking for, on the right side under the red arrow.