Howdy!  I’m Robert Tucker Cullum, the proudest member of the fighting Aggie Class of 2011!

I’m the owner and sole proprietor at DigiCycle.net.  I have over 10 years experience in User End Support.  Whether you’re installing new hardware, or just trying to get the most out of what you already have, I have what it takes to make your project succeed!

As a boy I discovered my interest in computers after experiencing an Operating System corruption on the first one I owned.  At the time I didn’t even know what an Operating System  was!  Naturally the $350 estimate provided by a popular service was staggering to me.  I spent many hours learning how to fix my computer and never gave up until I retrieved my data and fixed my PC.  In the end I spent $90 on parts.

Simply “fixing” something is what I consider the bare minimum as a service provider.  It is my mission at DigiCycle.net to help you, as a computer user, achieve mastery over your domain!